Is AO3 Down : Know The Reasons

Is AO3 Down:- Archive of Our Own (often abbreviated by the acronym AO3) is a non-profit open-source repository that houses fanfiction, as well as other fanworks created by users. It was established around 2008, through the Organization for Transformative Works and was made open-source in the year 2009. The site was operational as of June 2023 Archive of Our Own houses 11,420,000 pieces from over the 59,190 fandoms. It has been praised in regards to its curation, organization, and layout, mostly by writers and readers of fanfiction.

The History

A site named FanLib was launched to make money from fanfiction. Fanfiction was written predominantly by women. FanLib operated exclusively by males, received critique. It was this that led to the formation of the non-profit Organization for Transformative Works (OTW) which sought to document as well as archive fan-related cultures as well as works. OTW established the Archive of Our Own (abbreviated AO3) in the month of October 2008 and launched it as an open beta on the 14th of November 2009. The site’s title came from a post in a blog written by the author Naomi Novik who, responding to the fact that FanLib was not interested in creating a fan-based community, demanded the establishment by establishing “An Archive of Our Own. “The site’s name was in reference to the work A Room of One’s Own written by Virginia Woolf, in which Woolf stated that writers require space, time, and resources to write. The site’s name is derived from the words “8” and 9″. AO3 describes itself as an archive but not an internet-based community.

In 2013, the website’s annual costs were estimated at $70,000. Authors of fanfiction on the site had an auction through Tumblr the following year in order to help raise funds to support Archive of Our Own, earning $16,729 in commissions from original pieces of work the bidders. Five years ago the costs of the website were set at $260,000.

Attack on Denial of Service Attack on Denial of Service 

On the 10th July of 2023, an unknown hacker organization attacked the site by using a denial-of-service attack. Anonymous Sudan (likely Russian-backed) declared responsibility for the attack in a Telegram posting, which claimed that the attack was motivated by the site’s United States registration as well as the homosexual and LGBT content. The group demanded $30,000 of Bitcoin within a matter of 24 hours to stop the attacks. The site was up the next day after having Cloudflare protection.


Archive of Our Own runs on open-source programming developed mostly by volunteer developers in the Ruby on Rails web framework. The site’s developers let users submit suggestions to the site for new features through the Jira dashboard. 3. AO3 is home to around 700 volunteers of whom support the organization by serving on committees of volunteers. Each of these committees which includes AO3 Documentation Communications, Policy & Abuse, and Tag Wrangling, manages a portion of the website.

Is AO3 Down

In the midst of this issue, there is a risky DDoS attack that is publicly proclaimed by the anonymous hacktivist group that is known as Anonymous Sudan. The cyber-offensive forms part of the larger campaign, which aims to launch similar DDoS attacks against various U.S. organizations, such as AO3 which is run through the U.S.-based non-profit organization, Organization for Transformative Works. The organization has been the subject of debate with its claim of eliminating “all forms of degeneracy,” and accusing AO3 of creating “disgusting smuts” and an assortment of LGBTQ+ and NSFW content.

is ao3 down

Although it is true that DDoS attacks are the main reason behind the  problem Other factors may cause the current problem:-

  • The AO3 website may be experiencing problems with its servers or may experience downtimes which cause the website to be inaccessible or slow in loading.

  • It is possible for the website to be shut down temporarily or be unavailable because of routine maintenance or updates.

  • The issue could lie with the connection to your network or your internet service provider. An unstable or slow connection could hinder your access to the website.

  • A non-updated browser, or compatibility problems that are a problem with AO3 may be an issue. Cleansing the cache of your browser or attempting a new browser may help to resolve the issue.

  • Your device for access may be causing the issue. If you try to access the site using a different device could aid in determining if this is the situation.

Is AO3 Down: How do I solve it?

Is AO3 Down

The moment the AO3 issue of AO3 not Working problem was discovered, AO3 users on Reddit as well as eBuzzPro raised the issue. If you’re having issues accessing Ao3 then go through the methods below each one at a time.

1. Check AO3 Server Status

If you’re experiencing the same AO3 not working issues, then first you need to verify the status of AO3’s server by using online. Sometimes because servers are down, users can be faced with such issues.

2. Check Internet Connection

Dear friends, you must verify your smartphone’s connection to the internet for yourself. It has been observed that because of poor internet connections, a lot of technical problems must be fought. Therefore, you should try a different internet connection at least once.

3. Clear Cache & Cookies of Browser

In order to fix the issue with AO3 You must clean the cache in Chrome. To remove the cache from the browser, open Chrome browser, then tap Three Dots at the Top Right Corner > More Tool > Clear Browsing Information > Select Time Duration then Check the boxes and then Clear Data.

4. Use VPN

Even when you have cleared the Browser Cache, if find yourself facing the problem of AO3 Not Working problem. In the event that you don’t have a VPN for your browser, it is necessary to install and utilize a VPN for the browser you are using. With VPN you can access AOL from everywhere.

5. Restart Your Device

Dear Friends, even though you have completed these steps if the problem ” Is AO3 Down” occurs, then you should be aware of it. Try restarting your device. Several small issues are resolved through restarting your phone.


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