FIXED: Why Do HTC Internet Outages Occurs?

HTC Internet Outages Occurs: HTC, Inc. is the largest telecoms cooperative in America and is the 18th-largest phone company. It was founded in 1952. 

HTC has celebrated over 60 years of providing services to communities as a company in communications. Horry Telephone Cooperative (HTC) is the primary local exchange provider (ILEC) providing the rural Horry County in South Carolina (population approximately 270,000).

HTC has the largest fiber optic network that spans more than 8,000 miles of fiber optic network that provides incredible bandwidth that allows for ultra-high speed connectivity to the internet and data transmission and 100 percent digital TV video and traditional voice services through a single point of delivery that connects a user’s home.HTC provides long and local voice services, Internet access, cable TV, security for homes as well as mobile phone services (through AT& T Mobility). HTC also provides business-related services including remote recovery design, LAN, and WAN along with firewalls and network security, and offers bundled telecom services offers services to both business and residential customers through services to business and residential customers through its Bluewave fiber-to-the-home business. The cooperative membership is offered to anyone that receives at minimum one of HTC’s main services. This blog post will give information about HTC Internet Outages.


HTC Internet Outages

Which do you think are Horry Telephone Cooperative’s competitors?

Horry Telephone Cooperative’s top competitors comprise Guadalupe Valley Telephone Cooperative Inc, Fidelity Communications Co, Alaska Communications Systems Group Inc as well as Summit Broadband Inc.

What’s the speed of HTC Internet?

HTC’s Fiber-optic Internet supports many devices at home, with speeds as low as 500Mbps. With speeds of up to 1 gig, you can enjoy the capability to multiplay games stream videos in HD, and much more!

Check For HTC Network Outages

Find out whether there’s a network issue that affects your region, and not only your home. To find out the status of your network simply sign in your the HTC My Account on your PC or launch My Account on your mobile device. My Account app on your smartphone. You’ll get an alert in the form of a red alert notification on your account as shown in this case in the event that your account is in an unreliable state.

What causes HTC Internet Outages?

HTC Internet Outages

If there is anything that could go in your connection’s direction the issue will occur in the most dire moment. As difficult as it may be, issues with internet speed do occur and can be caused by a variety of factors. There are many causes that could create the outage. Certain outages are planned* by HTC to help with the upgrade of network equipment or for. Some other causes for HTC Internet outages include these:

  1. Power Outages
  2. Car Accidents that Could Damage Pedestals and Polls
  3. Roadwork that can cut Lines
  4. Extreme Weather Events
  5. Solar Sunspots, and Numerous Other Factors

How to Fix Internet Outages using Horry Telephone Cooperative (HTC)

HTC Internet Outages

Make Sure You Have The Right Equipment

The first step for solving internet issues is to examine your devices. Make sure that your modem, router, as well as other networking devices, are connected properly and running. Sometimes, a quick restart of these devices could fix tiny issues. For this, switch off the device, remove them from power sources, and wait about 30 minutes, then connect them again and switch them on.

Examine the outage

If you think the issue is in your setup Determine if the problem is nationwide or specific in your area. Go to HTC’s official website and social media pages for announcements about service interruptions. Contact HTC’s customer service to ask about any outages currently occurring within your region.

Look for Service Disruptions

HTC frequently provides the status of their services on their mobile application that displays the present state of their service. The status page lets you know the current status of any maintenance or outages. If you find an outage it will be clear the problem is not specific to your device.

Check cables and Connections

Damaged or loose cables could result in connectivity issues. Make sure you check all cables connected to your devices and make sure they’re properly connected. If you discover damaged cables, you should consider a replacement.

The device must be restarted. Devices

As well as restarting your router and modem In addition, you should try to turn off your computer as well as your smartphone or other device you use to connect to the internet. There are times when devices have temporary issues with software that affect connectivity.

Do Speed Tests

When you experience slow internet speed instead of a total outage Use online speed test instruments to test your connectivity’s efficiency. The information you gather can help when contacting HTC’s client assistance since it supplies the support team with concrete information for diagnosing the problem.

Get in touch with HTC Support HTC Contact HTC Customer Support

If you’ve attempted the procedures below and you’re still having issues you should contact HTC’s customer service. They’ll be able to provide tailored help, assist you with the steps to solve your issue, and even increase the difficulty if required. Be sure to supply them with complete details of the issue as well as the actions you’ve taken already.

Take into consideration factors that are beyond your Control

In some cases, outages to the internet result from factors that are beyond your control. This could be due to the maintenance of your network or sudden technical problems. When this happens it is important to be patient because the HTC technical team is striving to get back online whenever possible.


Although internet interruptions can be annoying, taking proactive measures to resolve and troubleshoot the problem can minimize the amount of downtime. By systematically checking your device and analyzing service interruptions using resources such as HTC’s support for customers and helpline, you will be able to focus on getting your internet back online in a timely manner. Keep in mind that HTC is committed to providing high-quality services. Its assistance team will help you navigate the connectivity issues you might face.

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