Facing GoNetspeed Outage: Troubleshooting Steps


GoNetspeed Outage:  It was originally founded as OTELCO in the year 2000, OTELCO. is a telecommunications holding company with its headquarters in Oneonta, Alabama. It owns a small number of independent telephone companies across West Virginia, Missouri, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Alabama.


 Its products include long-distance and local telephone as well as broadband access to networks, cable TV as well as other services. It traded publically through NASDAQ until 2021. In that year, it was bought by the private equity company Oak Hill Capital Partners for $40.6 million. Check out the complete article to find out if you’re experiencing a GoNetspeed outage.

GoNetspeed Outage

The company is the owner of:

  • Brindlee Mountain Telephone Company – Arab, Alabama
  • Granby Telephone & Telegraph Granby Telephone & Telegraph Granby, Massachusetts
  • Mid-Maine Communications – Bangor, Maine
  • Mid-Missouri Telephone – Pilot Grove, Missouri
  • Pine Tree Telephone & Telegraph – Gray and New Gloucester, Maine
  • Saco River Telephone & Telegraph Saco River Telephone & Telegraph Waterboro, West Buxton, and Bar Mills, Maine
  • Shoreham Telephone Company Shoreham Telephone Company Shoreham, Vermont
  • War Telephone – McDowell County, West Virginia
  • Oneonta Telephone Company Oneonta Telephone Company Oneonta, Alabama

The subsidiaries of the company operate under the name of OTELCO.

In April 2022, the business rebranded under the name GoNetSpeed to emphasize its emphasis on offering fiber-optic internet.

What are the causes of the Gonetspeed outage?

You’re connected to a fast, high-speed Internet to stream your favorite program, work or video-call an out-of-town family member. Then, all of a sudden the internet stops working. Your computer freezes or loads, and you’re unable to make it work for the second time. Open other software, browsers, windows, or apps and devices only to discover there’s no connection with the Internet.

There’s a chance that you’re having some kind of Internet interruptions, which could be due to the Internet provider’s network or connection to it being broken or disrupted. You could find that the entire region has lost Internet connectivity as well. What is the cause, and what should be done to fix this?

Here’s a rundown of the top frequent causes of Internet downtimes.

GoNetspeed Outage

What is it that causes the Internet to disappear?

  • Equipment Failure
  • Weather
  • Animals Damages The Cables 
  • Severed Lines
  • Network Congestion

Troubleshooting an outage at GoNetSpeed

GoNetspeed Outage

Below is a step-by-step instruction:

  1. Look for Local Network Problems:
    • Make sure the devices you use are connected to the Wi-Fi network or Ethernet network.
    • You can restart your modem and router. Disconnect them for around 10 seconds. Then plug them back in, and then let them fully restart.
  2. Verify GoNetSpeed The Status of the Service:
    • Check out the GoNetSpeed site or social media profiles to determine the status of any outages in your local area.
    • Contact customer support at GoNetSpeed to find out if the issue is a common issue.
  3. Check the Hardware Connections
    • Check that your cables are properly connected to the router, your modem as well as other devices.
    • If you’re connected to Wi-Fi, be sure that you’re within the reach of the router and you aren’t experiencing any interference.
  4. Test on multiple Devices:
    • Determine if the problem is limited to one device or affects the entire device. It can be helpful to determine whether it is a device-specific issue or the issue is network-wide.
  5. Conduct a Speed Test:
    • Utilize a speed test online tool to determine the speed of your Internet connection. It will help you determine whether you’re receiving the desired speeds with the GoNetSpeed connection.
  6. The device is restarted. Devices:
    • Restart your devices that are having connectivity problems. Sometimes it is a matter of rebooting the device to fix connectivity problems.
  7. Verify for Software Issues:
    • Check that your devices are equipped with updated software. Software that is outdated can result in connectivity issues.
  8. Verify for issues with your router:
    • Log into your router’s administrator panel, and look for errors or other unusual configurations. Set the router back to its default settings, if needed.
  9. Bypass Router (if appropriate):
    • Connect your device directly to the modem by using the Ethernet cable. This will help determine whether the router has caused the problem.
  10. Call Customer Service
    • If none of the previous methods resolve your issue Contact GoNetSpeed’s support team. They will help you with more complex ways to solve the problem or arrange the visit of a technician.
  11. Look for areas with power failures:
    • Sometimes, network downtimes may be the result of electricity outages that occur in your neighborhood. Contact your local electricity firm to eliminate this possibility.
  12. Take into account external factors:
    • Inclement weather, construction, or other factors outside of the network could impact the infrastructure of the network. This issue could take a while to be resolved.
  13. Check Modem Lights:
    • Modems typically have an indicator light that provides info regarding the status of the connection. Read the manual of your modem for the proper interpretation of these indicators.
  14. Inspect the Wiring
    • If you are concerned about the possibility of physical damage to cables or wires, you should consider looking for obvious issues.

The goal of troubleshooting is identifying what’s causing the problem step-by-step. If you’re uncomfortable with any of these methods and the issue persists, get in touch with customer service to get expert assistance to resolve Gonetspeed Outage.

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