Why Is WOW Internet Down Happens? (7 Ways To Fix It)

In the posting, we’ll present ways to fix Wow Internet Down. The methods are 100% unique and authentic. Find out additional details below.

WideOpenWest (doing business under the name WOW! ) is the eighth-largest cable provider across the United States with its network reaching 1.9 million houses and businesses. It offers broadband Internet, landline phone as well as broadband Internet services. As of the 3rd November 2022 WOW! is home to 538,100 customers.

Following an initial public offering, WideOpenWest is traded on the public market and has Avista Capital Partners and Crestview Partners still holding substantial stakes. In August in 2019, Avista Capital Partners sold their shares in the company. leaving Crestview Partners WOW’s biggest shareholder with a 37 percent stake in the.

is wow internet down

WOW Internet Down: WOW! Was founded in the fall of 1996 in Denver, Colorado. Following the establishment of a network in March 2001 WOW! began serving around 200 people throughout the Denver region. In November 2001, WOW! acquired Americast the overbuilt network that was located in the Midwest run through Ameritech New Media for an unspecified amount per subscriber believed to be in the range of $600 for each sub. The acquisition opened the doors! to 310,000 potential customers from metropolitan areas around these cities Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Denver, and Evansville. Wow! is no longer available to customers in the Columbus, Cleveland, or Denver markets.

Avista Capital Partners completed its acquisition of the cable operator WideOpenWest (“WOW!”) from Oak Hill Capital Partners and ABRY Partners. The transaction’s terms weren’t disclosed.

On August 23, 2011, Wave Broadband and WOW! announced they had entered into an agreement to acquire substantially all properties from Broadstripe LLC, a provider of commercial and residential bundled communication services. On January 14, WOW! completed the purchase of Broadstripe’s network of cable services located in Michigan.

In April 2012, WOW! acquired Knology the broadband business with 13 locations. The total of its customers is expected to exceed 800,000. Knology had previously merged with Valley Telephone Company in 1999, Prairiewave Communications in 2007, Graceba Total Communications in 2008 as well as Sunflower Broadband in 2011.

In June 2014, WOW! sold its cable, Internet telephone, and cable system within the South Dakota markets to Clarity Telecom. A part of the multimillion-dollar agreement valued at $262 million included areas in Iowa as well as Minnesota which were previously managed by Knology as well as PrairieWave Communications. In March 2015, these markets will be officially renamed Vast Broadband.

In September 2016, WOW! bought NuLink which was a cable operator that served Newnan, Georgia with approximately 34,000 subscribers at the time the transaction was concluded.

In October 2016, WOW! signed the agreement with Midco in order to offer its systems to Midco in Lawrence, Kansas. They currently serve around 67,000 houses and businesses within Lawrence.

On June 28, 2017, WOW! officially ended service in the Lawrence, Kansas area.

On March 6, 2018, WOW! announced they had rolled out DOCSIS 3.1 up to 90% of their network as one of the very first cable companies to hit the near-ubiquitous level.

On June 30, 2021, WOW! announced that it was going to sell its Cleveland as well as Columbus, Ohio, service regions for the purchase of Atlantic Broadband (since renamed Breezeline) at $1.13 billion. It will close the sale on the 1st day of September in 2021. On June 30, WOW! announced that it would be selling its services located in Chicago; Evansville, Indiana, and Anne Arundel, Maryland to Astound Broadband for $661 million.

On May 15, 2023, WOW! announced that it would cease its own in-house TV service, comprising WOW! TV+, and move its customers with video services onto YouTube TV across its footprint. WOW! The company will keep its current TV service until the migration occurs. The move will free bandwidth for the firm’s ISP all-in.

Why Is WOW Internet Down Constantly?

Many issues might have caused the Wow to stop working.

Your Internet security depends on the condition that is your Ethernet connection, as well as the strength of your signal and the configuration you have set.

 Is WOW Internet Down

These are some possible sources of suspects if the issue lies on your end:

1. Outdated Router OS

If the firmware of your router is out-of-date it could be making you have issues regarding connectivity and the network.

2. Router Overheating

If your router is in direct sunlight particularly when it’s warm in the area there is a chance that you will experience disconnects.

3. Overwhelming Network Channel

Sometimes, the WiFi channel you’re employing is overloaded and it is necessary to alter the channel.

4. Faulty Cables

If you have loose cables or problems with power adapters that cause your routers to reboot and then restart, WOW Internet will most likely be able to restart as well.

5. IP Conflict

There are times when problems with your personal network or IP may cause conflict that must be resolved before the internet disappears.

There’s an abundance of possible causes. Here are a few of the most popular causes.

But, in the answers below, we’ve covered possible scenarios to help you be aware of where the problem might be at its root.

How To Fix WOW Internet Down In Seven Steps?

Before we get started it is important to take note of the fact that neither of these solutions is going to necessitate you to be in some way a professional in regards to technology. This guide won’t ask you to disassemble anything or perform any other activity that could damage your device.

WOW Internet Down

  • Try a Reset
As we do in all the guides we provide, we’re going to begin by identifying the solution that is most likely to solve the problem. It’s likely to be the most simple one that we have listed, too. Although they are often neglected as a result of their ineffectiveness, there is plenty to appreciate about getting a reset.
Is WOW Internet Down

A lot of times, your device has been running for quite a while and not a break and that’s not good for your device. Additionally, there are also tiny glitches and bugs to accumulate and create chaos of all kinds.

That’s how the reset is needed. The only thing you have to do is connect to the modem or the router. Look at the reset button, and press it for about 15-20 seconds, or until you can tell you’ve noticed something’s changed.

The device will then be reset, and the issues will be eliminated I’m hoping. In addition, it’ll also simplify the setup and give the best connection to the one you were using before the issue was discovered.
  • Test the Connection on several different devices
Before moving on to more complex issues you should always consider investigating whether the problem lies in your Internet connection or simply an inability on the part of one device to be connected to it.
Is WOW Internet Down

This way, we don’t spend a lot of time identifying the wrong problem. Therefore, if you’re currently working on a computer or laptop computer, switch to other devices and look at what you can achieve using the new device.

If it connects to the Internet without issue You will be able to tell that it’s not the Internet that’s the issue. Therefore, you’ll have to investigate the issue with the device that you’re using and then abandon this tutorial. If it happens, you’ll be required to change the drivers for network connectivity of the device having trouble forming an internet connection.

  • It’s time to step it up by a bit: Reboot
This will function exactly the same manner that the initial advice we offered. This step, however, raises the bar slightly. Reboots don’t operate similarly to an easy reset. There is a difference. To reboot your router or modem it is necessary to completely eliminate them completely from the energy source.
Is WOW Internet Down

Then, unplug the power cable, and let it go for at least a few minutes. Then, reconnect it and you’ll notice all is functioning. If not, here are some suggestions for you to try!

  • Too Much Traffic over the Network
Each now and then your internet speed may fall due to no cause or fault of your own. Worse, such drops could get so bad that you feel like the internet service has stopped completely. It could happen in the event that there’s an excessive amount of traffic being generated across any internet that your internet service provider simply cannot cope with.
Is WOW Internet Down

If you’re noting that it seems to occur frequently during the times that people get back from work, it could be what’s going around. If that’s the case, there’s much you can do to stop it, other than waiting till peak season ends.

But there is a chance that you’ve exhausted all your bandwidth. This is a possibility when you own several gadgets connected to the router simultaneously.

Other times, it might be possible that a neighbor has found the password to your wireless network, and piggybacking on your network. In any case, the process of diagnosing is similar.

The next step is to look through the settings of your connected devices and delete everything you do not recognize on the panel. If you’re lucky it should suffice for you to get functioning again.

  • A Damaged Ethernet Cable

While it could appear as if the cables don’t require consideration, however, they’re certainly not designed to last for a long time. Therefore, we suggest to check the state of your Ethernet cable and the rest of your cabling.

Is WOW Internet Down

In the beginning, we suggest that you make sure that all cables are properly connected. After that, it is important to look over the length of each cable to be sure there aren’t any visible signs of damage. What you need to be looking for is frayed edges, or exposed internals. If you see anything that resembles it, the best thing to do is to take out the damaged object completely and test your connection once more.
  • Does your Equipment Stay in good order?

Each internet connection requires equipment to make it adequate for the task. There are occasions when the internet connection might not work due to the reason that the device is older and cannot meet the standards of wireless for a modern connection to the internet.

The good news is that this does not have to be left for guesswork when trying to determine the age of your device or is it not? In case you have a Mac available Here’s how you can examine for any issues.

The first step is to be required to go to the Network tab in the system information section. After that, you’ll be able to select ‘Wi-Fi’ and that will show the PHY options that you can choose. It will also display the preferred and supported wireless standard.

If you’re using Windows The process will be very similar. It is necessary to start the “device manager” after which you will need to click the option ‘network adapters. Then, it will show the available wireless standards. From here it’s just a matter of making sure your device is optimized accordingly.
  • Contact Customer Support

Is WOW Internet Down

If it’s the case that none of these methods have been successful for you the chances are the issue lies at the hands of WOW (WOW Internet Down) and not the fault of you. This leaves you with one possibility – to contact their customer service team at 1-855-349-9313. One of the most frustrating aspects is that WOW has a track record of having service interruptions, and this could be a repeat problem once more.

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