Is YouTube Music Down: Top 11 Ways to Fix

What is YouTube Music?

Is YouTube Music Down ?

It was announced only in the year 2018, YouTube Music is a relatively new service for streaming music that was created to take over Google Play Music the company’s prior services for streaming music. YouTube Music lets you listen to YouTube Music, you can listen to music from official artists’ albums and playlists, as well as artist radios, remixes, and live renditions of music in addition to watching music videos. Read more to know Why Is YouTube Music Down happens.

Is YouTube Music cost-free?

YouTube Music does offer a trial plan for free if you wish to start. This means it’s available for free if you do not mind hearing adverts for each song, which are available via a mobile application or the web player. It is also possible to listen to podcasts through the tier that is free.

The YouTube Music Premium tier is additionally available to block ads, provide music streaming in the background from your phone (so you don’t have to quit the app without leaving it and listening), and let you download music for playback offline.

The only thing you cannot do on YouTube Music, is watch videos with no music, for example, cats performing on the piano or Charlie biting his finger in the remainder of the YouTube website. However, you can access a wide selection of music videos via the application.

What is the process behind YouTube Music work?

Is YouTube Music Down ?

As with other streaming music services, YouTube puts a lot of focus on its discovery functions. The site claims that the music genre will be “easier to explore” with the Music service. The Music feature includes a huge catalog that includes not just official music as well as live shows, remixes as well as covers, and music videos too.

The screen that displays your home page, regardless of whether you’re using an app or a web-based player, will always change. It is updated to offer suggestions in response to your music preferences however, it also considers your location and will provide songs that are appropriate to the activities you’re doing.

It’s based on three tabs: Home Explore, Library, and Home. Home is an amalgamation of everything. Explore can help you find the latest music, such as new albums, and explore moods and music genres. The Library tab offers playlists, as well as imports of music via Google Play Music and any music that you own on your device. It doesn’t matter if you’re using the website version or mobile application Music you downloaded through Google Play is available in both.

The video also has a lot of prominence within the app and the web browser. When you open a song on the app, you’ll have the option of choosing which option you prefer to hear the music or view the video. It is also possible to switch halfway throughout, which is another excellent option. When you use YouTube Music in a browser you’ll be able to experience video similar to the other features of YouTube.

It is also possible to choose to like or disdain music, and this can help Google to fine-tune the types of songs you’re recommended So if you’re not a fan of Ed Sheeran, you can mark him down so you’ll hear less Ed Sheeran.

Main Reasons Behind YouTube Music Down !!

Is YouTube Music Down

  1. Server Issues Problems with YouTube’s server: the servers of Music or its data centers may cause delays. This could be due to malfunctioning hardware, software issues, or even maintenance tasks.
  2. Network Problems Disruptions within the infrastructure of the network, for example, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and routing issues, as well as difficulties related to problems with Content Delivery Network (CDN) could cause interruptions in service.
  3. Software bugs: Code mistakes within The YouTube Music application or its underlying systems could cause malfunctions or crashes, which can lead to delays.
  4. High Traffic The rapid increase in activity of users like during major releases of music and live events or viral videos, may overload the system and cause downtimes or interruptions.
  5. Database issues: Problems with the databases used to store user accounts or playlists as well as other data can cause issues with access or inconsistencies with data.
  6. Releases and Updates: Deploying new updates or features, as well as making changes to the system can cause unexpected problems, which can result in some slowdowns.
  7. Third-Party Integrations When YouTube Music relies on external APIs or service providers (Application programming interfaces) Issues related to these integrations from third parties could hinder its operation.
  8. Security Issues Vulnerabilities or security issues could cause the platform to go offline in order to conduct maintenance and security precautions.
  9. Human error: Mistakes made by engineers or administrators of the platform in the course of maintenance or changes to the configuration could cause interruptions in service.
  10. Natural disasters: Events such as floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters could physically harm data centers as well as infrastructure, causing disruptions to service.
  11. Legal or Content Concerns: Copyright claims, legal issues, or content-related violations could result in temporary removals of certain content or the whole website.

Top 11 Ways to Fix YouTube Music Not Working

Is YouTube Music Down ?


First, you must confirm that you have an active YouTube Music subscription for your account. If you’re on a dated payment plan, then your YouTube Music subscription will expire and YouTube Music ceases working.

Step 1. Start the YouTube Music application on your mobile. Click the YouTube account image in the upper-right corner.

Step 2. Click Paid memberships. Make sure you have a YouTube Premium account from the below menu.


YouTube Music lets you download the songs you love offline. Because of copyright issues or other factors, the creators could remove songs and albums from the platform. While the tracks are still available within your library, you cannot listen to the songs. If a particular track or album doesn’t work for you, consider switching to Amazon Music, Spotify, or Apple Music.


If your smartphone is experiencing problems with network connectivity it isn’t possible to stream music on YouTube Music. It is essential to have the internet connected before streaming tracks that are downloaded from YouTube Music.

It is possible to temporarily activate the Airplane mode, and then disable it so that you can reset your network connection. If you’re using an iPhone take a swipe from the upper right corner, and switch on or off Airplane mode. Android users can do similar options from the speedy toggle menu.

If network problems persist If the issues persist, you can reset your network settings for your mobile. Read our blog post on how to reset the network settings on Android as well as iPhone.


If you are a premium YouTube subscriber You can download music to your smartphone to use offline. If you are constantly experiencing the issue of buffering when playing music you can download them to your smartphone.

Step 1. Launch the YouTube Music app on your mobile. Choose an album that you wish to download.

Step 2. Click the Download button. You can view the songs that you have saved from your Library menu.


YouTube Music comes with a very useful YouTube integration. You can view your most loved music video (if there is one available). Likely, the video will consume more bandwidth on phones. The ability to transfer an audio-only media file to play your favorite tracks. You can switch between audio and video using the upper slider.


If your smartphone is linked to a wireless headset or earphone through Bluetooth, YouTube Music continues to play tracks when connected to a device. It is necessary to turn off Bluetooth on your device or switch the audio output to your favorite speaker.


In the event that YouTube Music servers are down and you are experiencing difficulties playing back your music on your smartphone. It is possible to see outage graphs as well as user feedback on the subject. The best thing to do is be patient and wait for the company to solve server-side issues, and then play songs for several hours.


If you are experiencing poor internet connectivity on your smartphone, you can adjust your YouTube Music audio quality from Settings. When you switch from ‘Always High” to “Low” within YouTube Music streaming, the app will stream music with no issue.

Step 1. Start the YouTube Music app, and then tap on your account on the upper right. Select Settings.

Step 2. Tap Save Data.

Step 3. Choose Audio quality for mobile data. Tap Low.


A damaged YouTube Music cache can lead to issues with playback in the application. Clear your YouTube Music cache and try to play it again.

Step 1. Long-tap on the YouTube Music app icon and start the menu of app information.

Step 2. Select the Storage and Cache option, then clear the cache in the menu below.


A dated YouTube Music app on your smartphone could cause playing back issues. Update YouTube Music to the latest version by downloading it from either the Play Store or the App Store.


Are you finding that YouTube Music still not working for you on your mobile device? Google provides a fully functional web version that lets you play your most-loved music. Visit this link and log in with the details of your Google account to access your playlists. It is possible to download YouTube Music in the form of a PWA (Progressive Web Application).

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