Sonic Internet Outage : How to Fix Solution

Sonic Internet Outage: Sonic, a California-based telecommunications and internet provider, is an active local exchange carrier for the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.

The History of the World

Sonic was founded as a way to provide network connectivity and Internet accessibility to the staff and students of Santa Rosa Junior College. Sonic’s formal Internet operation began in 1994 through a partnership with Dane Jasper, who had previously worked at Santa Rosa Junior College. Sonic relocated to its Santa Rosa downtown location in 1995.

Sonic, in 2011, reduced the amount of time that it stored logs about user activities to just two weeks after being concerned with increasing requests from legal authorities for data relating to pornographic copyright and other issues.

The U.S. Government forced Sonic to hand over the e-mail addresses of those who corresponded with WikiLeaks developer Jacob Appelbaum.

Sonic and Google fought against the secret court orders, which CEO Dane Jasper described as “pretty expensive but right” and then the court lifted the seal to allow Appelbaum to see the order.

Jasper, in 2012, told TorrentFreak, that Sonic would not participate in the “six strikes plan” in which the major U.S.

Internet providers begin warning and punishing people who are suspected of violating copyrights.

He said that ISPs were not prepared to monitor the individual actions and the MPAA, RIAA, and small independent ISPs had not been invited to take part. changed its name to Sonic in late 2014 after it acquired as well as the Twitter handle @sonic.

The company announced a partnership with AT&T in April 2015 to increase service using fiber-to-the-node. Sonic’s customers are required to adhere to AT&T policy, which includes any federal access.

Sonic customers are able to use a VPN in order to bypass AT&T’s policies. Sonic also requests court orders when the law requires investigations.

Sonic, in December 2018, announced a partnership to enhance WiFi coverage throughout the home with Eero Inc.

Sonic Internet Outage

sonic internet outage map

Fusion Ip Broadband Does Not Work

Fusion IP Broadband, launched in 2015, uses both fiber and copper infrastructure. It also uses fiber cable to connect the CO junction box to the CO.

The system has both digital and VoIP services.

We will share some solutions if you experience intermittent or no connection with a Fusion Broadband connection.

Reboot the device

First, you can reboot your device, whether it’s a computer, smartphone or tablet. Rebooting the device can allow the device to access the internet.

Cables & Wires

To ensure that the internet works properly, it is important to have cables and wires in a secure state. The cables and wires may become loose and dislodged over time. Cleaning may also be able to loosen the cables.

Check the cable and tighten it.

Residential Gateway

Most people use both a residential gateway and a router. To test if the device works, it’s recommended that you directly connect the device to the gateway and not the router.

The router may be damaged or non-compliant if it is not able to connect to the device. Call Sonic and ask if your router is compatible. If the physical damage is not present, you can call them to confirm. If there is a problem with compatibility, simply replace the router.


A reboot of the modem can also help to improve your connection. You can restart the modem by disconnecting the power cable and plugging it in again after 10 to 15 seconds.

The devices must be restarted frequently to prevent minor software errors, which promises a better connection.


If there’s no dial tone, or you’re unable to make or receive calls, recommended that you restart the ATA. It’s easy to do as all you have to do is disconnect and reconnect for a couple of seconds.

Fusion DSL Not working

Fusion DSL allows users to get both voice and internet services. DSL offers a connection with a speed of up to 50Mbps without artificial limits.

Let’s look at the possible solutions you can use if your internet service is inconsistent and voice calls are not consistent.


sonic internet outage map

You should first check if there is a network problem. Sonic is prone to outages. You can check this by calling the customer service.

If there’s an outage you have to. wait until Sonic restores the servers. The company will also send a tweet when the service has been restored.

Network Settings

To create a connection that is error-free, you should verify the network settings. This includes the IP address, subnet mask, and DNS servers.

If you do not have these settings, contact Sonic Customer Support and they can send them to your email.


It can cause the internet to drop or stop working if there are any line damages between Sonic’s equipment on the backend and your equipment. First, check that the connection between your modem and the wall is tight t.

Second, damaged phone lines must be replaced, as they can’t be repaired.

The most common damage to a telephone line is internal breaks, water damage, shorts on the copper coils, and corrosion. These issues are not fixable, so it is best to replace the line.

No Synchronization

If there’s a problem with the physical connection, it is called sync. Internet connectivity is affected if this is not working. The light on the RG will continue to blink when there is no sync. Let’s look at how to make the light for the RG solid.

Reboot the RG

In most cases, rebooting the gateway can fix the issue. To reboot the gateway, remove the power cable for thirty seconds then turn it on again.

It will take about ten minutes after it is turned on for the device to connect and identify with signals.


Some cases of the issue with no sync are caused by a cable that has become dislodged. Check the cable to make sure that it is connected. After a few moments, we recommend unplugging and then reseating the cable.

If the connector is damaged, it could happen if the cable stays loose.

If re-seating does not work, you will need to change the cable. This is because copper wires in the fiber optic cables tend to be fragile. If the cable appears damaged or is bent sharply, replace it.

Phone Line

Check the line to see if it is static. If there’s static, then the line may be faulty. A damaged phone line can only be fixed by replacing it.


These small, tan-colored boxes are in charge of filtering the DSL signal. Check the filter to ensure it is correctly installed.

You will need to remove and reinstall the software if it is not correctly installed.

Second, make sure that every jack connecting the DSL numbers has a filter. Sonic offers the Self-Installation Kit, and the filter can be used for jacks.

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