RCN OUTAGE CHICAGO (Easy Guide to Fix It)



RCN OUTAGE CHICAGO: RCN (Residential Communications Network) was first created in 1993 by the developers David McCourt as well as Peter Kiewit Sons’ Inc. Kiewit also owned MFS which was a Competitive Access Provider (CAP).

After a number of moves, RCN purchased C-TEC, the parent company of Commonwealth Telephone in Pennsylvania. Commonwealth Telephone, while MFS was able to transfer its residential telephone business into RCN. MFS was later acquired by Worldcom.

RCN/CTEC became a competitive local exchange operator (CLEC) after they were able to get the Telecom Act of 1996 passed.

RCN started its expansion as a builder of cable TV and began to build rival cable networks in countries with cable TV. A majority of its networks included partnerships with power firms that provided rights-of-way to poles. RCN featured “triple play” television/internet/telephone service, though for some time its voice operations were largely resold incumbent telephone company lines.

RCN purchased the existing US East Coast ISPs Erol’s Internet, UltraNet Communications, Interport, and JavaNet. On the West Coast, it purchased the existing ISPs DNAI as well as Brainstorm.

In Chicago, it joined the market after acquiring an overbuilder 21st Century Telecom. Then, in Washington, D.C., they created a 50/50 joint venture with local power firm Pepco called StarPower Communications at the end of 1999.

They sold Pepco’s stake later in 2004 and changed the name of StarPower Systems to use RCN. RCN name. In this blog, we will talk about the issue “RCN Outage Chicago and Other Areas”.

In the Month of January 2022, the company announced the regional divisions of its business would be Astound Broadband: RCN Corporation will become Astound Broadband powered by RCN. Grande Communications transforms into Astound Broadband powered by Grande.


The Main Leading Causes of RCN/Astound Broadband Outage Chicago And Other Regions

  1. Electricity Outages: Energy failures could cause outages on the internet in the event that the equipment responsible for the internet is not backup with batteries or a generator system.
  2. Infrastructure Damage: The infrastructure providing internet access, for example, cable cutting could cause an interruption of service. It could be an accident such as a mishap on a construction site in Florida or as a cause of deliberate vandalism or vandalism in Colorado Springs.
  3. Congestion: An overloading of the Internet network due to an increase in traffic could result in downtimes or even outages.
  4. Software Bugs: Software issues and glitches may result in internet interruptions in the event that they cause systems to fail or crash.
  5. Cyberattacks: Inflicting malicious cyberattacks like distributed denial of service (DDoS) cyberattacks, may take over internet servers and cause interruptions.
  6. Human Error: Misconfigurations made by accident or misuse by humans could cause internet downtimes.
  7. Natural Catastrophes:  such as hurricanes fires, and earthquakes, as well as intense rains and winds that rip can damage power lines, such as the recent storms that hit Sacramento, are able to cause massive physical damage to the internet infrastructure and cause outages.

They are among the most common causes of internet downtimes. One reason to be prepared for downtimes is that the majority of our economy, as well as society, is dependent on the Internet to provide all kinds of communications, apps for work health banks, banking, government emergency services, and education systems, security systems as well as many others.

Internet interruptions can cause more interruptions to streaming services that are popular. They could stop work and shut down point-of-sale systems and damage the image of companies, and result in a loss of revenue. The longer they last, the worse they get.

RCN/Astound Broadband WiFi Not Working? Easy Guide to Fix It

rcn outage chicago

Troubleshooting Internet Connection Problems

The process of troubleshooting the issue with your RCN broadband internet connection is a breeze. Below are a few ways that to ensure you’re connected in the best way.

Restart Your RCN/Astound Broadband Cable Modem

The first step is to determine the problem with your Wi-Fi resolved by restarting the RCN router.

How to Reboot your Router

  • Remove the power cable of your modem from the power outlet at the wall.
  • If you’re making use of RCN digital phones take the battery off your handset.
  • You should wait for about 60 seconds.
  • Connect the power cable to the outlet.
  • Replace the battery inside your cell phone.

The light that powers the modem will be lit up. If it doesn’t illuminate, check that your power cable is connected to the correct place on the back of your modem.

Make Sure You Optimize the Performance of Your RCN/Astound Broadband WiFi Connection

Although RCN’s cable modem provides a seamless service to its users, it is possible to encounter slow speeds or delays when connecting.

Let’s take a closer examine some strategies to enhance your Wi-Fi experience:


Move Closer To The WiFi

It is recommended that you got closer to the WiFi signal in order for a better WiFi connection. The best way to achieve this is to put your device’s WiFi signal in the middle of your house.

Additionally, if you live in an apartment with multiple stories the router should be placed in the middle of your level. It is also helpful that you place the router at an elevated level to achieve the greatest outcomes. It could be on an office desk or a table at your workstation or in the living space.


Reduce The Number Of Devices

One way to get rid of the issue with your internet is to decrease the number of devices linked to your router. If multiple devices are connected to your network at the same time this will impact the internet speed.

The speed of your Internet is distributed among your devices. So, many devices can disrupt the speed of wireless. A few devices will allow you to establish an even better connection.


Set Up A Password

The RCN Cable modem and router are all equipped with default configurations. It means you’ll be given a password as a default for your router. But, often routers are plugged into the cable box without a password.

The next thing to do is to create the password for your WiFi. When a password is created, phones that are not registered won’t be able to connect to the WiFi.

Methods for Setting up the Password

    • Use a browser to open a Web page and enter the IP address.
    • It will prompt you to enter your ID number as well as a password. Enter “admin or cusadmin” as both.
    • Click on Wireless.
    • Inside the SSID box, you can set a device’s name.
    • Within the WPA2 password section, type in the password that is appropriate for the device you are using. Be sure it contains the correct number and unique symbol.

Select Apply and then let the settings be saved. It is now necessary to connect every device you own to WiFi with the password you have changed.

Additionally, all new gadgets or phones can now utilize the new password in order to connect to the WiFi.

Contact Customer Support Services

rcn outage chicago

If nothing else works and you are still having problems, call RCN for more information on its cable modems. Go to their site or visit an in-person outlet for assistance from their assistance from support tech.

They offer the services they offer across Washington, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, and the Chicago region in Illinois. Furthermore, RCN offers free online help for TV and WiFi services in the event that you are unable to visit.


RCN is known for its speedy internet service and its satisfied clients. It is possible to report any modem problems on their site or by phone and they’ll get back to you and provide solutions.

The business values its clients and aims to deliver superior service. Once you’ve got your WiFi problems resolved and you’re back to watching your favorite films on your laptop with the highest speed of the internet.

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