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MapleStory Private Server: MapleStory is an online massively multi-player role-playing video game developed by Wizet in South Korea.

There are several versions of MapleStory available, each tailored to a specific country or region. These were published by different companies.The “Maple World” is a virtual world where players can defeat monsters, and develop their characters’ abilities and skills as in video role-playing games.

The game allows players to interact in many different ways. These include chatting, trading, and more.

Players can form parties and hunt monsters together, sharing rewards. They can also create guilds and interact with one another more easily.

The “Cash Shop”, an in-game store, allows players to buy character enhancements and appearances using real money.

The Korean version was updated in July 2010 with a “Big Bang” patch. The Big Bang update has been applied to other versions.

The Korean version of the game received the Chaos Update later in the same year. This update introduced Player versus Player (PvP), and the addition of professions. In July 2015, MapleStory 2, was released. It features 3D graphics with updated storylines.

By 2020, MapleStory will have over 180,000,000 registered users and gross over $3 billion in lifetime revenue.

Many gamers prefer to use private servers because the official servers are overcrowded. They are designed to offer an experience unlike any other official server.

We’ll share with you some of the most popular MapleStory Private Servers currently on offer.

MapleStory Private Server: Some Best Of Them

  1. Maple Legends

Maple Legends, one of the oldest MapleStory private server is still active today. The server was created in August of 2014. It was released as an Open Beta and official version in 2015.

Maple Legends offers special features such as no play-to-win, no vote-to-win, stable servers, and skill balancing. If you wish you could play MapleStory before the Big Bang, this is the game for you.

You can use the interfaces for pets, storage, gifts, rings, or merchant interfaces on this server.

  1. Maple Royale

The UK MapleStory Private Server allows you to play the game as it was intended. The features of this server are very similar to those in MapleStory.

You can also choose from an extensive range of NX hairstyles and faces. This server has the best features because it’s always up-to-date and free of bugs. There is a quick fix for any bugs that may have occurred.

  1. Castella

Castella, a Canadian MapleStory Private Server is designed to allow all players to communicate with each other.

The main feature of this server is the PartyPlay Mode. It is an altered version of V83. The server is set up to allow every team the opportunity to play and enjoy themselves.

You can gain level by completing missions and fighting the bosses. Test the server to determine if it works well for you.


  1. Teeria Legends V62

The MapleStory private server is unique. There are Party Quests, Traveling like the original, a 100% Cash Shop, and much more.

The launcher is unique and provides the best protection from all kinds of hackers. Your anti-KS rates and your EXP rate will increase automatically when you reach a higher level on this server.


  1. StoryMS

StoryMS is a Canadian company. The server is known for having the most beautiful graphics of any MapleStory Private Server. Every day, there are new events.

You can win rare NX Items and fight the bosses during these events. If you find any bugs or glitches in the game, don’t worry. Many StoryMs are available to help.

  1. Limina KMS Version 316

It is unique because it uses the KMS V316 Server, and there are new classes and Pathfinders. It only has one negative thing: it is only available in Korean.

If you do not know Korean it may be difficult for you to start. It’s rare to find ETC or Map sections written in English for players who don’t know Korean.


Why should you join the best MapleStory Private Server?

A MapleStory Private Server can provide a fun way to play the game, without all the competition that is present on the official servers.

Players can customize their own experience with private servers, which offer a variety of maps, monsters, and rewards. The players can take part in unique events such as Boss Rush to earn special rewards and gain experience.

Private servers are often more stable and have a lower latency than official servers. This makes the game much more fun for all players. Private servers are often more friendly and welcoming, which makes it easier for players to get started and find friends.



You can find the most unique MapleStory Private server if you are looking for an exclusive gaming experience. These private servers have a variety of events and custom content. They are a fun way to play the game with new people.

There is a MapleStory private server for everyone, whether you want the old-school MapleStory or something new.

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