Is Down : Check Out Reasons & 5 Steps To Fix

Is Down:- It is an online chess server as well as a social networking site. It operates on an unpaid model where certain features are accessible on a free basis, while other features are only available to accounts that are subscription-based. Chess online live can be played with other players in the form of daily, rapid, or blitz time-controls, as well as various chess options as well. Chess against a chess engine as well as computer-based analysis, chess puzzles, and educational resources are available.

Is Down

One of the biggest online chess websites around the globe It reached its milestone of 100 million registered users on 16 December 2022. has hosted tournaments online such as Titled Tuesdays, the PRO Chess League, and has hosted the Speed Chess Championships, PogChamps, Online Chess Olympiads, and computer against. computer-based events.

The History is a domain was first created back in the year 1995 by Aficionado the company located in Berkeley, California, to offer a piece of software that teaches chess, known as “Chess Mentor”. In 2005 Internet entrepreneur Erik Allebest as well as his co-founder Jarom (“Jay”) Severson whom they met while undergraduates at Brigham Young University acquired the domain and formed a team of software engineers, who redesigned the website into a portal for chess. The website was relaunched in 2007, with a hefty campaign as well as promotion through social media.Is Down

A year later, bought a website for social networks in chess called On October 7, 2013, purchased the Amsterdam-based news website and The site was created and run by Dutch journalist and chess expert Peter Doggers and continues to provide coverage of chess tournaments in the digital world.

In the decade of 2010, there was a lot of growth.

It reached a landmark in the year 2014 after it was announced that more than 1 trillion live games were played through the website with 100 million games played via correspondence. At the beginning of January, announced a two-year redesign of their previous interface (titled “v3”). It included new features like the computer-generated analysis of games and chess-related variations such as Crazyhouse Three-check chess King of the Hill, Chess960, and also reached a new landmark in June 2017 with the completion of the 2,147,483,647th (= 31,-1) game was played. This caused the iOS app to not function on 32-bit Apple devices. It was due to an overflow issue in the integer that meant the amount was insufficient to represent the amount of storage bits that were utilized.

Acquisition of Komodo

In May of 2018, acquired the 3300+ Elo-rated commercial chess machine Komodo and ranked 3rd in the world behind Stockfish and Houdini in the year of its purchase. Additionally, with the acquisition, the Komodo team also announced the launch of the probabilistic technique of Monte Carlo tree search machine learning. These are the same techniques employed by recent projects in chess AlphaZero as well as Leela Chess Zero.

Recent developments

In November 2020, acquired the rights to stream this year’s World Chess Championship 2021, which will be broadcast via Twitch, a live-streaming platform. Twitch.

Is down?? 

What exactly is the Application? It is the most played classic game ever played! It is the best website to play chess online with your fellow players from around the globe. App not working

However, recently it was observed that Why is down or Facial Not Working must be addressed. When this happens there are users seeking answers about the issue on Reddit, Quora, and eBuzzPro to find out why my App not working properly on Android, iPhone, Windows 10 Samsung TV, Firestick Roku, and Panasonic TV. Follow these steps and discover the answer to this issue.

Is Down Or Not Working

  • App Server Issue
  • App Under Maintenance
  • Internet Connection Issue Internet Connection Issue

How do I Fix the “Is Down” Problem?

The moment the App not working issue was raised, App users on as well as Reddit reported the issue. If you’re having issues accessing the App, then you should try the following ways one at a time.

1. Check App Server Status

Dear friends, if you’re experiencing the app not working issue The first step is it is necessary to verify the app server status at least once using the web. Sometimes because servers are down, players might encounter these difficulties.

2. The Clear Cache from App

In order to resolve application issues You must remove the cache from App that is installed on the device you use Android smartphone or iPhone. To remove the cache from the app, Go to > Settings > Applications and then and clear the cache.

3. Upgrade the App to the Most Current Version

Dear friends, even after getting rid of your App Cache, if you’re confronted with an issue with your App Not Working issue. If you’re in the event of such an issue you should know that you’re app could also have an outdated version. This means you need to update the App.

4. Switch Internet Connection

Dear friends, you must verify your smartphone’s connection to the internet at least once. It has been observed that because of poor internet connectivity, many technical problems must be fought. This is why you need to test a new internet connection at least once.

5. Restart Your Device

Even after having followed all of the steps above, you still have a App that is not Working the issue persists. Try restarting your device. Friends, several small glitches are solved through restarting your device.

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There are issues with My Mobile App, what can I do?

A lot of issues, including problems logging in, can be resolved by a new installation of the application.

Sometimes, corruption can happen when updates aren’t installed correctly, and the solution can be simply to delete the application and then reinstall it. It is recommended to try this method first if there are issues using the app! Here’s how:

Android App:

Before installing a new version, you must be sure that you are using the most recent version of Android OS that your device can utilize. Here are instructions on how you can check and update the OS on your device.

If you’re sure that your operating system is up-to-date After that, follow these steps:

  1. Input the Settings of your Android device’s settings.
  2. Go to Applications in Settings.
  3. Select and locate the application.
  4. Select ‘Storage and cache then select ‘Clear storage as well as ‘Clear cache’. It is also sometimes referred to as clearing the app’s data. (This procedure is vital, yet often left out, and therefore, don’t miss this step! ;))
  5. Uninstall the application.
  6. Turn off your device, then switch it back on.
  7. After that, you can reinstall the application from Google Play Store.

iOS App:

NOTE: Before you reinstall on iOS, please check your iOS version. If you have any iOS version older than iOS 11 and above, you will be ineligible to install with any other version than iOS 11.

If you’ve verified that you are running the latest version of iOS Follow these steps:

  1. Apply pressure to the device until it begins to “wiggle.”
  2. Press the”x” in the top right corner of the application. The x will deinstall the application.
  3. Reinstall the app through the store.

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