City Of Heroes Server Status: Current Updates & Problems [HOW TO FIX]

City Of Heroes Server Status: City of Heroes (CoH) was an online massively multiplayer game for role-playing designed by Cryptic Studios and published by NCSOFT. It was released by NCSOFT in North America on April 28 April 2004 and then in Europe through NCsoft Europe on February 4, 2005. It was available on English, German, and French servers. Players made super-powered character characters, who can team up with each other to accomplish missions or fight the criminals of different gangs and groups located in the imaginary city of Paragon City.

Three major updates free to City of Heroes were released just before its end. The last live update “Where Shadows Lie”, was made available on May 31st, 2012. On the 31st of August in 2012 NCsoft ended the Paragon Studios development team, closing all production for City of Heroes on the final day of services on November 30, 2012.

In April of 2019, the software that could run the City of Heroes server was disseminated widely. This allowed players to establish City of Heroes servers outside NCSoft’s exclusive control and rekindled interest in the game that by then had been in development for more than six years. Since October 20, 2023, NCSoft has not moved to make servers built on the source code shut down.City Of Heroes Server Status

How To Check City of Heroes Server Status

To determine if you are unsure if the City of Heroes servers are inaccessible, try the steps below:

  1. Check Official Channels:
    • Go to the official City of Heroes website or forums to find any updates regarding server availability.
    • Check official social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook) for information from the developers of the game.
  2. Use Online Server Status Websites:
    • Go to websites offering live server status updates in real-time for numerous online games. Examples are “IsItDownRightNow” or “DownDetector.”
  3. Community Discussions:
    • Look for gaming forums and online gaming forums in which City of Heroes players discuss server issues. Websites such as Reddit could have discussions on the server.
  4. Contact Customer Support:
    • Get in touch with the customer support channels that are official on behalf of City of Heroes. They could be able to inform you about server performance.
  5. In-Game Message:
    • If you can log in to the game look for messages in the game or messages about server status. Game developers typically share important details via in-game chat messages.
  6. Ask Fellow Players:
    • If nothing else works then you may ask fellow users of online forums if they’re experiencing the same problems. They might be able to provide insight into whether servers are not working all over the world or only in one region.

City Of Heroes Server Status Down Or Not Working: How To Fix It

In this article, we’ll provide you with the most frequently encountered challenges City of Heroes players face and what they can do to remedy them.City Of Heroes Server Status

1. Run City Of Heroes As An Administrator

There are times when certain City of Heroes files or procedures may be limited by your system’s security setting. When you grant City of Heroes administrative privileges this allows it to override these limitations, which could resolve problems such as problems when the game stops running, doesn’t launch or crashes, or isn’t able to launch.

Keep in mind that this is only an initial step to troubleshoot. If running the game using an administrator fails to resolve the problem, don’t be concerned. Continue to the next step.

2. Run City Of Heroes In Compatibility Mode

Compatibility mode simulates the settings that were present in an earlier version of Windows and ensures that the game can run seamlessly without issue. This is especially helpful if you’ve recently updated your OS and have started experiencing issues when playing City of Heroes.

3. Repair Visual C++ Redistributables

Visual C++ Redistributables are crucial components that many games like City of Heroes, rely upon to work properly. If the files get damaged or missing this can result in numerous issues that can result in crashes or malfunctions in the game, and even make the entire game unplayable entirely.

4. Reinstall DirectX

DirectX increases the capabilities of multimedia on your computer, which allows games such as City of Heroes to run with improved audio and graphics. If your system is outdated or damaged, DirectX could cause City of Heroes crashes, visual glitches, or audio problems.

Keeping DirectX current is crucial since game makers often optimize their games to the most current versions. This will ensure better performance and less errors.

5. Check For File Corruptions

System files that are corrupted or not present may hinder the seamless functioning of the software, which includes games such as City of Heroes. If you can identify and fix the files that are corrupted, you will get rid of a cause that could be causing the issue.

6. Reinstall City Of Heroes

If you’ve gone through all the troubleshooting methods however City of Heroes still isn’t running as it should, a fresh installation can reset the game to its initial condition, possibly resolving any remaining difficulties.

7. Install City Of Heroes On A Different Drive

A new drive could provide higher speeds for reading and writing, more storage space, and lower mistakes. The move of City of Heroes will result in a smoother playing experience if your current drive is at capacity or is in poor sectors.

8. Update Your GPU Drivers

The latest drivers usually include improvements for games that are new and corrections for issues that are known to be. Maintaining your GPU drivers current will ensure the game City of Heroes can run smoothly and make use of the most recent enhancements. It is among the most frequently used remedies for difficulties like when City of Heroes is crashing or not functioning, isn’t shutting down, or not even opening completely.

9. Disable CPU/GPU Overclocks

Overclocking your computer or GPU will give you a boost in performance however it may result in instability for certain games like City of Heroes. The most frequent difficulty with City of Heroes because of being overclocked is that the game keeps crashing and being shut down. In some cases, the issue gets more severe and the PC can restart automatically.

Overclocking can push your computer past its factory settings which can cause more heat and instability. Although some games may be able to run smoothly, other games like City of Heroes, could have issues with crashes, or even other problems.

After turning off the overclocks start City of Heroes and check if it is running without issue.

10. Disable Antivirus

Antivirus software can scan documents and run processes in real-time. If it incorrectly marks the City of Heroes game suspiciously, it may be able to block or even quarantine it which could cause the game to fail and suffer from all kinds of difficulties.

After you have disabled the antivirus, run City of Heroes. If the game runs smoothly without problems, think about including City of Heroes on your whitelist or antivirus to ensure that you do not encounter any future issues.

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